My latest guitar

My modest collection of good guitars has recently been enriched by a real beauty, this 1975 guitar by Andres Martin of Madrid.  It’s an instrument of the finest quality, a cedar-top with a back of a stunning mellow African mahogany…

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For the first time since Covid I recently spent some time in Europe, on an extended tour of France and Spain. 

I love Spain for so many things – the beauty of its cities, its food and wine and music…

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Introduction to my composition ‘Harbour’

This is a short lullaby or barcarolle – not something you’d describe as a major composition, but a piece I’ve remained very happy with for its fully-realised achievement of my original impulse, and for the lovely vibrant bass tones it…

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Writing the title for a piece of music

One thing every composer has to think about is titles for his/her pieces.  I'm a cranky individual and I have my own ideas about titles.  I have a set of self-imposed rules. These are not rules for everyone - other…

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