A J Williams

Guitarist and composer

Hello and welcome to my website.  I am a composer of music for classical guitar. My music is tonal and highly melodic, and has its own unique style.  It's difficult to assess your own music, but I often hear it described by others as peaceful, reflective, thoughtful and beautiful.

I came to writing classical guitar music after many years of writing songs.  My guitar pieces are still, essentially, songs; just without the lyrics.

My great wish is that guitarists will find my music and play it.  This comes with a warning: my pieces are deceptively simple to the listener, but players will find them a real challenge technically.

I have a growing collection of over 50 pieces published by Danish publisher Bergmann Edition.  You will find links to the collection below.  You'll also find a link to my YouTube channel, where there are videos of my own performances of the pieces and a few by some excellent concert players. 

Happily, a growing number of players are discovering my music, and there is a fine album available recorded by Russian guitarist Aleksandr Loginov.

I live and work in the UK, in a small village in rural Warwickshire.



Photo: (c) Andy Hockridge