Free download "Before Dawn" 

This piece was written in 2021 and has recently (as of March 2023) been re-published by Bergmann Edition in Volume 4 of my Complete Works for solo classical guitar ( ). I made an earlier attempt at recording it but this version is far better. This is an epic, at almost seven minutes, and a real monster to play. It is like a short sonata, having 4 distinct movements, and a generous store of melodies and harmonic variation. It opens with a rather funereal theme in D minor, quite 19th century in sound. It then modulates to B flat for a slightly livelier section (with a brief excursion into G minor). The penultimate section is a big, broad, triumphant and stately melody in D major which sounds like a finale. But as it winds up, it introduces the final filigree section in A major, maybe more baroque influenced, which is a dreamlike ascent to the stars with a blissful and profoundly satisfying ending.

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